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Toughguy Computing is steadily building a formidable list of growing and robust small businesses in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area. From five to 20 computers, Tough Guy Computing excels in creating unique solutions for diverse businesses.

From developing a network solution for remote workers in trade industries such as construction companies and landscape businesses to enabling multiple systems in a corporation to work together, Tough Guy Computing can create customized solutions for security, networks and software systems.

Ruppert Companies Ruppert Companies:
This conglomerate faced several problems in dealing with multiple subsidiaries operating in multiple offices across multiple platforms. Tough Guy stepped in with their Custom Management Software Integration services and solved the company's day to day operations, while building a bigger, safer network. Read more...

Peris Companies IncPeris Companies:
This Washington D.C. development company came to Tough Guy with several pressing issues: the need for a secure DSL connection for a tenant build-out, remote users that regularly need to access office documents and general IT oversight. Tough Guy stepped in and not only provided secure networks for office and the tenant build-out, but saved the company money as well. Read more...